Elizabethian Ruff Collar


This Elizabethian Ruff comes with a plastic stiffener inside to retain the shape. It is adjustable to any neck size with three snap fasteners. Available in a stiff white cotton fabric or a silver poly blend taffeta.


A status symbol in Elizabethan England, the ruff collar was worn by both men and women. What started as a small adornment became a flamboyant statement for the aristocratic during the Renaissance. Also known as a goffered frill, this pleated material was sometimes edged in lace and some were so elaborate they had to be held in place with string and pins.

Our Elizabethian Ruff has a plastic stiffener inside to retain the crazy eight shape. Comes in a silver poly blend taffeta or a stiff white cotton fabric. Flexible and adjustable to any neck size with three snap fasteners to allow for a secure fit. 


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