Dragon Piercer Damascus Fantasy Sword


The blade, the guard, even the pommel of this medieval-style fantasy sword are made completely of Damascus steel. The grip has alternating strands of steel, brass, and red wire. Comes with a sharp edge. Includes leather scabbard with belt loop and retaining strap.


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If you ever encounter a dragon with an extra tough hide, here's the right weapon to send it yelping back into its cave. This medieval-style fantasy sword is completely made of Damascus steel-the blade, the guard, even the pommel. The grip is highly imagined as well; alternating strands of steel, brass, and red wire create a showy, exquisitely detailed hilt that begs for attention even when it's in the scabbard. Make no mistake, however, this is a real sword with a sharp edge. Includes leather scabbard with belt loop and retaining strap.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length29-1/2"
Blade Length23"
Blade Width1-7/8"
Blade Thickness1/8"
MaterialDamascus Steel
ScabbardLeather Scabbard Included
Weight2 lbs / 3 oz


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Write a Review
Worst sword ever
So I just got this in. I've been ordering items from Museum Replicas for over a decade if not two decades. I've bought cheaper items as well as some of their pricier products. When it comes to swords, the cheaper ones might have an uneven grind that I can fix, or some light tool marks or maybe a bit of fray to a wrap. I haven't had anything as bad as this sword that literally came in today 4/06/2023. It looks like it was junior blacksmiths first sword project. There is 3 bends in the blade. It is more than an S curve, it is an M curve. The fittings aren't smooth and got jagged edges. The hit is nice at least. About the only thing. The grinding on this is completely uneven, rough, and thoroughly unusable. There is even some small delaminations in the forge welding pattern. This literally looks like a throw away project that was sent to me. Going to be reaching out to customer service because this is unacceptable. I'm completely mad at what was delivered to me.
- Timothy, April 07, 2023
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Wow! This is somethin' else.
Really great work on this one. The hilt is chain wrapped, and just a bit blocky, and my hands are also on the larger side. With the squared pommel, it sometimes digs into my hand a little, so I generally wear leather gloves with it. Solves everything. The shape is beautiful, the design is great. That Damascus pattern is beautiful. It's shorter than I expected, but chalk that up to me not reading the dimensions.
- Lance, July 05, 2022 | Verified Purchase
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Wonderful blade
My husband  loved this sword, it was beautifully made and true to the picture.
- Krystal, November 08, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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