Classic Medieval Sword

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This Oakeshott Type X Medieval Sword has a long and wide fuller, long guard and wheel pommel for balance. Includes scabbard. Overall 39-1/2 inches.
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This one handed medieval sword is an Oakeshott Type X with a Type I pommel and a Type VII crossguard. The long and wide fuller on this blade lightens the overall sword and make it possible to deliver fast, shearing cuts, capable of cutting through the mail and padding that were worn during the period. The long guard offers good protection from an opponent''s shield or blade, while the classic wheel pommel brings the sword very nicely into balance.

This type of sword was in service for a long period of time throughout all of Europe. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Includes scabbard.

Can be sharpened and/or personalized with 3 Initials for additional fees.

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Products specifications
Overall Length 39-1/2"
Blade Length 33"
Blade Width 2"
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Weight 3lbs
Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
Scabbard Included
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Available
Engraving Available


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Really good sword
I have bought a few examples from different manufacturers of swords.  This is one of the better ones that I have.  The fit and finish is good.  The design is great.  The fact that this sword is "Battle Ready" is a cool plus.  I most likely will never need to use it as a weapon, but it is nice to know I could.  Overall, I am very happy with it.
- Kenneth, December 13, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Exceeds Expectations
Great quality, and I have nothing but positive things to say. It was a gift for my husband and he was beyond thrilled with it. He had requested it to be sharpened also, so I paid extra for that. And guess what? They actually DO sharpen it, and it is razor sharp, so I am also pleased with them for following through with that. I will order from this company again, because it is clear that they take their business seriously and want to please their customers.
- Alicia, July 20, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Great medieval sword
Great medieval sword. Nicely balanced and very sharp. Again impressed with how well this came packaged to me. MR quality again shows in this sword.
- Steven, May 26, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Another great sword
Always surprised by the quality of these swords. Feels great in the hand. Another great example of a sword to add to the collection.
- Matthew, January 23, 2019
A classic for sure!
This is a quality sword. Well put together and very beautiful. It seems a bit more blade heavy than it needs to be but not a deal breaker. Hard to go wrong with this sword!
- Dan, January 22, 2019 | Verified Purchase
This is a very impressive sword, especially at this price. Well balanced, easy to use despite being 3 lbs. I ordered it sharpened and it came very sharp. A great deal on a basic, classic medieval sword.
- George, May 26, 2017
Outstanding!  This is a really impressive medieval sword, and it was well sharpened.  And, it arrived earlier than expected.
- Roger, August 11, 2016 | Verified Purchase
Happy with this sword, especially considering the price point. Ordered sharpened (and came very sharp), is maybe on the heavier side but not overly so, but handles well considering what it is, quality is unbelievable for the price, and overall I would recommend it for a serious entry level sword. Glad MRL is still producing these!
- Michael, July 27, 2016 | Verified Purchase
If you're looking for a good beginning sword, this is it. This is a beater you can use for cutting or other hard use. You can't beat this sword for the money.
- Terry, July 24, 2016 | Verified Purchase
This sword has a nice balance near the handle which is good because the sword is about 3 pds.
I am very pleased with its strength, look and feel.
- Gregory, July 06, 2015 | Verified Purchase
This is a hefty blade. The sword is well-designed, and the workmanship is solid. The point of balance is near the hilt; so it doesn't feel heavy in the hand, despite the 3-lb weight, which is at the high end of a functional one-handed sword. The disengage still feels pretty quick. This is definitely designed to be a functional tool for war. The pictures don't really do it justice.
- Charles, December 13, 2014
Just got this today and I am very happy with the sword itself. Well balanced and easy to wield. Only problem I have is with the personal engraving I had done on it. It came with rust already on the middle initial. Worried that if I sand it off it will ruin the engraving. The sharpening service was extraordinary though. Recommend this for any collection.
- Timothy, April 24, 2013 | Verified Purchase
Very well made. Once sharpened this sword holds the edge.
- Thomas, August 03, 2011
Truly a work of art.
- Jacob, October 14, 2010
This Sword has one of the best balanced and well forged blades. It is extremely light and comfortable, so when it is easy to use.
- Jacy, July 05, 2010 | Verified Purchase
A great representation of 12th century blade. Great handling, seems to cut through the air and anything else with ease.
- Jacob, April 18, 2010
This sword is one of my favorite swords ever. It's well balanced, long, and comfortable; one of the best blades that I own.
- Tim, December 14, 2008

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Products specifications
Overall Length 39-1/2"
Blade Length 33"
Blade Width 2"
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Weight 3lbs
Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
Scabbard Included
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Available
Engraving Available
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