Blunderbuss Non Firing Flintlock Firearm


This massive, non-firing flintlock firearm has a full wood stock, brass finish barrel, cast metal parts and a working flintlock mechanism. 26" overall, just over 3 pounds.
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This is a massive version of the boarding blunderbuss firearm. Its wide, intimidating barrel could spray an area with nails, glass, shot, rocks, almost anything that could be loaded into it for close-quarters combat. Very popular among pirates and aboard ships. Features working flintlock mechanism and full wood stock and brass finish barrel. Skull and crossed sabers medallion on stock. Cast metal parts, non firing. 26" overall, just over 3 pounds. This beauty even has markings from the Tower and other British stamps.

Cannot be shipped to NJ, NY, or RI. Cannot use Papal as a payment option.  


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