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18th Century Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol Replica


This Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol was introduced in the early 17th century. Our non firing replica has working metal parts and the four barrels can be rotated.
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Introduced in the early 17th century the flintlock continued in common use for over two hundred years. But due to the time needed to reload this notoriously inaccurate firearm, industrious individuals added multiple barrels for multiple shots on target at a faster rate. Unfortunately, these designs cost much more, didn't work well, and were actually very dangerous to the user. All of which makes them even cooler in our eyes!

This non-firing variant has working metal parts and the four barrels can be rotated. The eagle head on the grip and scroll work would have been right at home in any noble's firearm collection. Features antique silver tone parts and a resin grip which closely resembles the wood they would have been originally made with.

Cannot be shipped to NJ, NY, or RI. Cannot use Papal as a payment option.  


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