1860 Heavy Cavalry Saber


This heavy sword has a 36" blade made from 1055 carbon steel with a hard spring temper. The guard is brass and the grip is wire bound leather. Double ringed, steel scabbard included. Overall 41-1/2 inches.
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At the outbreak of the American Civil War, there were two types of sabers issued to the Federal Cavalry: "light" and "heavy". The light version was popular, but the heavy model, dubbed the "Old Wrist Breaker" was the one worth owning, as it was a superior weapon. Its 36" blade offered big reach advantages over most sabers, and its substantial weight gave it the leverage to easily crush bones and sever limbs with a single blow. The brass guard had three bars to protect the hand and the grip was wire bound leather and capped with a sturdy pommel. In its double ringed, steel scabbard, it could be easily attached to a saddle or to a belt.

After handling a number of original 1860 Heavy Cavalry Sabers, we agree, this is a great reproduction with a few improvements- blade is made from 1055 carbon steel with a hard spring temper and will pass the British Proof Test.

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Attribute name Attribute value
Overall Length 41-1/2"
Blade Length 36"
Weight 2lbs 11oz
Material 1055 High Carbon
Edge Sharpened


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Write a Review
I know you have no credibility.
My Monday order has not been shipped yet. If it is not shipped today, I will request a refund and cancel the transaction. I sent an email but no one responded, so there is no credibility.
- Yinlong, November 18, 2023 | Verified Purchase
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Your order was shipped on 11/14 and you were emailed the shipping details. FedEx tracking shows it was received on 11/18. The email address you provided - yinlongma0809@gamil.com - was invalid which is why you did not get these notifications.
- MRL Team
Good example of a civil war sword
This is a really nice example of a civil war sword.  Very thick blade.  It starts with around 1/3 inch thick at the hilt and tapers to around 1/8 inch thick at the tip.   From what I have read, that is more in line with the 1840 blade.  For the price, that would just be splitting hairs.  It is well made and seems very solid.  I am a collector and not someone who needs to defend himself with a sword.  I can tell you that it looks the part.  I do insist that my collect is only made from "battle ready" grade items.  I believe this sword meets that criteria also.  It comes with a well built full length steel scabbard that seems like it should double the cost of the package deal.  Overall this is in my opinion a good sword for a good value.
- Kenneth, November 03, 2018
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