Witch Hunter Breastplate


This darkened 18-gauge galvanized mild steel front breastplate is perfect for a number of time periods or cosplay. Lined with suede, brown leather back straps are included for wear without a backplate


This Witch Hunter Breastplate is crafted from 18 gauge steel and can be worn with or without a backplate. This armor is made with a new type of Dark Metal finish that gives the steel a rugged, textured look, like it has been around for ages. The dark metal finish also protects against rust and is very durable....it will not rust or scratch upon contact with another metal! You do not have to keep this armor oiled. There are buckles attached to the armour and leather straps that come with the breastplate to make it wearable without a backplate. This breastplate is lined with a thin layer of leather which is a nice extra and makes it that much more comfortable to wear. With a unique raised steel design, this armor is suitable for just about any character. If you are wearing a gambeson or heavily padded shirt, take your measurement while wearing that garment.

  • Medium 

Chest: 25", When paired with a backplate it is adjustable for 40" to 46" chests

Length from Shoulder to Hip: 24"

  • Large

Chest: 29", When paired with a backplate it is adjustable for 46" to 53" chests

Length from Shoulder to Hip: 25"


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