Windlass Steelcrafts

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Hand Forged Iron Roman Camping Stove

This small, accurate reproduction of a Roman stove is perfect for your next event or camping experience. Made of durable hand-forged blackened steel, this handy hearth has two dedicated potholders at the front. Four grill bars at the back easily slide into various positions for maximum versatility.

Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter Set

The classic vintage design has been brought back in all-metal construction. The interior is red enamel with soft, red flocking for the bottle to rest upon. Perfect for your knight cap!

$169.95 $149.95

Swordsman Buckler

Small companion shields like this were used throughout Europe during the late Medieval and Renaissance periods. Our hand forged steel swordsman buckler has a 5” central boss along with six raised supports in a sunray pattern. The face has been given a decorative acid bath.

Spanish Buckler

This hand forged steel buckler shield has a soft-raised boss in the center for deflecting any blade. The face has been given a decorative acid bath and the sturdy steel handle has been covered in wood, which gives you a secure grip in just about any type of encounter.

Viking Stallion Bone Comb

Viking women took great pride in looking finest for their warrior men. This stunning comb is hand-carved of bone with two rearing stallion heads on the ends.
$24.95 $19.95

Feudal Long Leather Belt

When a knight or noble would simply want to belt their tunic, a thinner simpler belt would be used. This beautiful long belt is made of high-grade black leather and utilizes an ornate silver buckle and tongue.

Overlord Long Leather Belt

Made of high-grade black leather, this 66-1/2" long belt has an elaborate silver buckle and tongue with twelve Celtic knot work crosses along the length. It is perfect for a wide range of periods from Viking through the high Middle Ages.

Ultimate Theatrical Mail Shirt - Riveted Aluminum & Silicone

This revolutionary new long sleeved mail shirt is lightweight and extremely versatile, which makes it perfect for the film, television, and theater. Every other row is made of lightweight riveted aluminum, while the opposite rows are solid rings of strong elastic silicone. Weighs 8 lbs/ 5 oz.