Who's Iron Man?

-You can be! The Stark Arc Reactors are set to ship next week Woooooo! These are limited to only 2400 and most are gone, so if you didn't get one yet you really need to do a fly by and secure one. You're heart will thank you.

-Star Wars, we have pretty good news on this front also. Some items came in stock and will be shipping this month. Mainly accessory pieces like Jedi robesand Imperial hats, but you've got to start somewhere. The Force is strong with these pieces...boy I'm lousy with this whole Jedi mind trick thing.

Annual Sale
I'm putting the bug in your ear now, no excuses. Every year in May (this year the 22nd) we hold a fire sale in our warehouse selling off discontinued merchandise, slightly damaged, prototypes, samples, etc. at prices often times at or below cost. Plus we have all current merchandise in the catalogs at 15% off. The product represents our full offerings whether we made them or not and covers ACC and MRL products. So from name brand knives for everyday use to a Renaissance dress, you'll have quite the selection.

It's only a one day event, but worth it. At no other time during the year will you find savings like it. But you need to be HERE to take advantage. Conyers, GA on a Saturday. There are worse places you could be, OK none off the top of my head, but...We're just kidding, it's a great place to visitand we welcome all of you. The Dukes of Hazzard was shot here, how bad can it be? Call for more details 800-883-8838.

See you there!

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