Who's a geek?

We are!
Thought you'd getta kick out of our staff and the stuff that we personally geek out for. See you're not the only one. Our staff goes for almost anything from these properties, characters or people (in private of course...)

Ally (IT)- Steampunk LARP
Nirmal (IT)- Michael Jackson
Brandi (wholesale)- Wolverine
Terry (catalog)- Captain America
Travis (showroom)- Zorro
Bobby (shop monkey)- Thundercats
Dave (marketing)- James Bond, Troy, Star Wars
RC (licensing & dist)- James Bond, Phantom, the new Star Trek

Yes, we're all adults and doing the responsible thing of teaching our children all about our likes so the next gen gets screwed up too. Hey, you won't do it. Of course there's so much more that we love, but that gives you an idea. We're more alike than you thought aren't we?

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