We're back!

Hello all you patient, patient, patient fans of movie collectibles, history, TV and blah blah blah. Did we mention patient and how much we appreciate that?

We've fixed our watches, bought new calendars and well, we've got our $#@% together and have brought our blogging in-house from the tech side of things, which means we can bug you regularly with updates on new products, licenses and other exciting news you need to know.

Did You Know?
The 25th anniversary of The Terminator is this year (yeah, you're that old) and the amazing jacket replicas are now shipping. Remember that these are limited to manufacture for this year only. It's the very first time an accurate, screen worn version has been properly researched and made so if you like The Terminator, Arnie or just cool motorcycle jackets act soon. Unlike The Terminator, these won't be back.

For all of you gamers we're there for you. We've secured the rights to Assassin's Creed 1 & 2, Age of Conan and World of Warcraft. Great props, costumes & LARP items will bring these worlds to life like never before.

Wow, that Iron Man 2 stuff is amazing...don't worry we'll bring it out for you soon. Like Stark Industries we're doing our R&D now. We can't wait to launch the new line in 2010.

So you see, we haven't been sitting idle (OK, sometimes we have), but the point is we've got some amazing stuff coming and you need to stay plugged in to know about it.

Stop blubbering, we missed you too.
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