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You don't just have to pick up the phone to ring us anymore - we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin as well as Pinterest!

We use our social media handles to share about new products, talk about our upcoming sale, notify the community about our latest blog posts, and even share few funny memes now and then- just like you do with your friends and followers. But our social media channels are not just limited to what we are up to; you can also share your own pictures and stories about the latest addition to your collection with us. We love to read about purchase stories and experiences and seeing snaps of our customers.

Our Facebook page is all about getting news on our products, tips & tricks to maintain your collection, updates on upcoming events & offers, and access to resources we think our collectors and re-enactors could use. Or you can Join the conversation on Twitter! Get advice on all things related to your swords, knives or costumes, plus updates on what's new (and old) in the field. Follow us on Instagram to see (and share) what inspires us to be our best and don't miss out a sneak peek on the action behind the scenes on Instagram Stories! For the latest infographics, tips, and best practices to maintain your prized possessions follow us on Pinterest.

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