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War Hammers

These versatile close combat weapons were capable of inflicting significant injury to an armored knight. The spiked end could be used to grab the reins of the horse, while the hammer was ideal against plate armor.

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17th Century War Hammer

This war hammer features a large head and long curved back spike. Hardwood shaft has tacks for a good grip. Overall 26". Weighs 2 lbs/11 oz.

English War Hammer

This war hammer is replicated expertly from a private collection. Light, fast and deadly. Overall 25-1/4". Weighs 1-3/4 lbs.

Fiore War Hammer

This medieval war hammer is crafted from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened, battle-hardened finish and tempered to a low 50s RC.
$174.95 $250.00

Fisted War Hammer

This war hammer features an all-steel head sporting both a flat-headed hammer and a deadly 5” spike. Shaft is a rustic looking hardwood. Battle-worn antique finish.

German War Hammer

This medieval hammer is replicated from an example in the German National Museum in Nuremberg. Steel head secured to hardwood shaft with steel langets. Overall 21-1/2"". Weighs 2 lbs.

Heavy War Hammer

This hammer features steel langets which help to guard the shaft and secure the head to the hardwood shaft. Overall 23". Weighs 2-3/4 lbs.

Late Period War Hammer

This all-steel war hammer features a strong, tough spike that balances off the wide faced hammerhead. Cord-wrapped grip. Length 23-1/4". Weighs 3 lbs/4 oz.

War Hammer with Spike

This hammer features a large end spike and small spikes on the sides. Head is attached with steel langets to the hardwood shaft which is also studded for a secure grip. Overall 26-1/2”. Weighs 2 lbs/4 oz.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: German War Hammer

Okay ~ I'll be totally blunt. I bought this war hammer as an extra little gift for my husband. We were really impressed with it. The craftsmanship and balance are fantastic. We have a lot of dogs and have a lot of big old beef joint bones laying around. The hubs decided to give the War Hammer a try. We went outside with a really solid chunk of bone (about the size a a grapefruit). He hit it with the war hammer...not even all that hard. The bone  shattered into shards!
So, our mighty war hammer has been moved to a special place in the house for potential protection, if necessary. All I can say is WOW! Everyone who's played around with it LOVES IT!
Reviewed by: Lydia, August 20, 2018

Review of: English War Hammer

I just received this war hammer after purchasing it from the deal of the day.  It arrived quickly and well packed.  This is an awesome weapon.  Beautiful in appearance and formidable as a weapon.  The spiked end is very sharp and would do serious damage if put to use.  Balance is great.  Wonderful feel.  The workmanship is outstanding.  Delighted with this purchase.
Reviewed by: Michael, March 22, 2018

Review of: Fiore War Hammer

My first purchase from the Battlecry line and it exceeded all expectations! Outstanding. Solid. Massive. Love the finish!

Interesting the earlier comment about not liking the square handle. I think it's a more authentic look, and when wielding in battle chances are good that fighters wore gauntlets or at very least gloves.
Reviewed by: Kevin, March 03, 2018

Review of: War Hammer with Spike

Epic, deadly! Well made, good materials and workmanship. A welcome addition to my collection.
Reviewed by: Kevin, December 22, 2017

Review of: Fiore War Hammer

This Warhammer means serious business. Totally solid, nothing loose, like the "Battlecry" look. Long enough to knock a rider off his horse and a RAZOR sharp spike for finishing the job. 500 years ago I would have felt totally confident bringing this to a real battlefield.
Casey - Florida
Reviewed by: Casey, December 19, 2017

Review of: Late Period War Hammer

This has to be one of Windlass Steelcraft's/Museum Replicas best designs. It is a sturdy piece with just enough heft without being too weighty. Perfect for a medieval knight or footman to wield and looks like it came directly from a museum! Very happy with this piece!
Reviewed by: Mike, November 03, 2017

Review of: English War Hammer

Windlass Steelcrafts and Museum Replicas have outdone themselves again! This Warhammer has perfect balance and weight as well as a deadly spike that excels at penetration on sheet metal, wood and everything else I have tested it against, without leaving a mark on the head.
Reviewed by: Mike, October 11, 2017

Review of: Fisted War Hammer

Even better in person. Massive piece. Looks just like the pictures & is high quality.
Reviewed by: guy, September 28, 2017

Review of: Late Period War Hammer

A Mighty War Hammer that is solid as a block of steel and has unbelievably devastating power on the down swing.  This is a heavy weapon, but shows well.
Reviewed by: Sam, August 14, 2017

Review of: Fiore War Hammer

This warhammer is built just as tough as the rest of the battlecry line. Love the finish, love the color, and it feels brutally dangerous in the hand. Only downside is that whatever they used to blacken the handle will stain your hands when you initially handle it. There just seems to be an excess of stuff  on the handle. I had to wipe it off repeatedly with a paper towel until it no longer did that. Handle is still just as black as it was, so it's all good.
Reviewed by: Derek, January 25, 2017