Viking Truth Seeker Kit


Seek your fortune with this Viking Truth Seeker kit. This set includes our Rune Casting Stones, a pewter pendant of a raven in a circle filled with runes, our Huntsman's Hadseax with a leather sheath, our Francesca axe, and a leather axe holder


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Seek your fortune with this Viking Truth Seeker kit. This box includes a set of casting stones, a pewter pendant of a raven encircled with runes, our Huntsman's Hadseax with a leather sheath embossed with a dragon, Francesca high carbon steel axe, and a leather axe holder. This kit is valued at $ save over 20%!
  • Knife: Overall 8-1/2", Blade 4-1/4"
  • Axe: Overall: 18", Blade Edge 3-1/2"


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Write a Review
Great Set.
Great Quality . Very nice workmanship . What every traveller needs to navigate Renn Fairs , Sacred Quests , and Camping Opportunities. Make Dinner , prepare fire wood , or fight off Orks .and any other malicious beasts you may encounter along your  Path .
- Chris, July 06, 2022
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