Viking Stone Rune Casting Set


Rune casting was used by Vikings for divination. This set contains 25 highly polished obsidian stones, 24 have been carved and painted with a rune and one has been left blank. Includes a black velveteen drawstring bag.
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Though the Vikings used runes for their writing, a separate purpose developed more in the magical sense. Once cast, they can be interpreted to find something, secret or hidden, which is the meaning of the word Rune. This set is made of highly polished obsidian stone, each with the carved and painted rune emblazoned. Comes with 25 stones approx. 1" each; 24 rune stones and 1 blank stone. Includes a black velveteen drawstring bag. You can get online directions for rune casting at https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Read-Runes.


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