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One of the more deadly weapons used by the Vikings was the halberd, or bill as it was sometimes referred to. It is generally agreed that the actual Viking term was mail piercer. Sadly there are none known to exist, so this reconstruction is based on details of various sagas and on a few axes that are known to have blades "like a halberd". This weapon was a favorite of Gunnar of Hildebrand, Thorolf Skallagrimsson, Egill Skallagrimsson and many other Viking warriors. In one battle Thorolf loses his temper, takes his halberd in both hands, and starts cutting down the enemy. He fights his way to the standard, cuts down the standard bearer, cuts the standard pole in half, then stabs the Earl through his body.  He then lifts him up by the blade and jams the staff into the ground so that the Earl dies for all to see. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts® from high carbon steel. This is a must for any of those interested in the viking warriors of the North.


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Write a Review
For the sale price of $60, this piece is a good buy.  Mine showed up covered in mold and mildew so it received a soap bath and an immediate oiling.  The stain on the pole comes off quite easily and after handling, washing hand is a must to get the stain off.  Still though, as a hanging piece, it's nice.
- Collin, May 28, 2009 | Verified Purchase
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- David, February 25, 2009
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- Richard, February 07, 2009
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