Trinity Knot Leather Journal w/ Metal Latch


This brown leather journal has handmade paper and a working, antiqued brass latch riveted to the cover. Features embossed period designs and laced leather stitching on the binder.


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Memories will last forever in this leather-wrapped journal. The cover has been lavishly embossed with a Celtic Trinity Knot on the front. More embossed designs adorn the front and back, with laced leather stitching on the binder. The trinity knot, also called a triquetra, is one of the most Celtic Knotwork symbols. Consisting of three overlapping and interconnected arcs, it is seen in many different cultures. The meanings vary, but the concept always represents the power of three.

This journal has been expertly hand bound with 120 pages of handmade parchment paper and has a working antiqued brass latch for closure. Perfect for a diary, travel journal, inspiration book, or simple notebook.

Measures: 7" x 5-1/4” x 1-1/4”


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