Tourney Viking Sword


The Tourney Series of blunt swords is the culmination of over 20 years of experience producing swords and related pieces for re-enactment and stage use. This sleek Viking sword is lightweight and fast for a sword of this period.
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This gorgeous Viking has been developed by CAS Iberia and is part of their Kingston Arms Tourney series. Designed for use in re-enactment battle or stage fighting, this blunt sword features thru-tang handle construction and 2mm rounded edge thickness.
This sword features a stainless steel pommel and guard and a hand-forged, high carbon 9260 spring steel blade with blunt edges. The guard uses the King-Peen system, which has a steel tab pinned under the grip and pinned through the tang with the pommel hot peened into place. This keeps the guard from coming loose after rigorous fighting without compromising the strength of the hilt. A fuller runs the length to lighten and counterbalance the sword. The cord-wrapped leather grip is large enough to accommodate armoured hands. This great sword rings like a bell when struck and includes a matching leather-wrapped scabbard tipped with a stainless chape.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length36-1/2"
Blade Length30"
Weight3 lbs / 2 oz
Grip Length4-3/8"
Material9260 Steel


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