Time to Take a Stand

We've been doing cool stuff since 1971, I bet you didn't know that. ACC & MRL have continually branched out and focused on what our patrons ask for and deserve from historical items to TV, books and movie licensed props. The more real and authentic the better. So...

How cool is this!?!?! Real props from the Marvel universe! OK, I admit it, I'm a closet geek. Well this geeks here to tell you that whether you fess up or not, this is really cool. I'll bet there's something you grew up with too that you keep ah, hidden...right? C'mon admit it. As the saying goes, "Time to take a stand!"

I'm reading your mind now...Yes, this can be a very cool job, but it's not all fun and games (well much to our bosses chagrin most of the time it is). But unlike most companies that would have you just walk your merry way and force feed you products, we're fans too and I'm happy to give you the inside scoop to our crazy days and even some sneak peeks into our creative process and what's coming before the average Joe even knows they exist.

And remember we're all for input from you, as long as it's good (seriously, the bad stuff sucks). The contact info is on our website. If you have a question and the answer isn't already there, we'll think of something. Welcome to the world of Museum Replicas and what the heck, Atlanta Cutlery too.

Oh yeah, about Marvel. Read the Press Release on our website www.museumreplicas.com because that's why we did it.

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