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Blue Sapphire Crown

This magnificent crown is studier than “costume” crowns thanks to its thick metal construction. Large, brilliant imitation sapphires and hundreds of imitation diamonds adorn the golden crown to assure your regal status is never in doubt. Includes 4 golden bobby pins to secure the crown to your hair through 4 eyelets.

Rose Flower Crown

Adorn your hair with this delicate-looking, but durable assembly of imitation foliage and flowers. Features peach-colored roses and peach and lavender small flowers. Ties on with pale yellow ribbon. Perfect for festivals, faires, royal court, parties, etc.

Ruby Headband Tiara

This delicate gold tiara swoops down at the forehead with a beautiful teardrop-shaped faux ruby at the center. Simple, yet elegant, this circlet crown makes a lovely addition to ensembles from Celtic maidens and medieval princesses to Renaissance royals.

Emerald Princess Tiara

This jeweled headband has dozens of rhinestones and faux emerald gems on an antiqued gold metal frame. A large green stone decorates the center, with smaller stones around the band and along the top and bottom. Perfect for a Celtic royal lady, this Emerald Princess Tiara is also a great choice for other medieval and Renaissance looks.

Princess Crown

This classically designed Princess Crown is adorned with sparkling rhinestones, with a larger jewel accenting the forehead at the point. The rhinestone-studded frame swoops with gentle arcs of rhinestones along the top. This crown makes a subdued yet regal statement.

Lady In Waiting Coronet

This ornate Lady In Waiting Coronet has rich, elegant detail. The rhinestones in this crown create elegant flowers connected with scrolling silver wire. At the center of each flower is a polished white faux pearl.

Rhinestone Hair Comb

Combs add just the right hint of sparkle to any hairstyle. This comb has rhinestone-studded silver leaves along the base, with rhinestone vines encircling clusters of faux pearls and teardrop rhinestones.

Valentina Tiara

This beautiful tiara has a double row of rhinestones topped with sprays of various-sized pearl and oval-shaped jewels. Side combs provide a secure fit. Perfect for royal ensembles, Ren Faires, and weddings.

The crowning piece of any royal garb, our tiaras and crowns will top of your ensemble with style and grace.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Dark Ages Crown

Beautiful looking and well made.
Reviewed by: Donald, May 13, 2023

Review of: Plantagenet Crown

The last review is so misleading, this is NOT a heavy crown in any sense of the word.  It is wafer thin, and arrived with every other point bent and nearly cracking.  Flimsy and so light I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually plastic.  Such a big disappointment.
Reviewed by: Jack, April 08, 2023

Review of: Avalon Crown

Very light metal and fits a large size head very well. Would highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, January 21, 2021

Review of: Plantagenet Crown

Nice heavy metal crown. It's quite large in size. I wear a large and it's too big for me. I added some foam weather stripping to the cushion it came with and that worked great. Overall nice product.
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, January 21, 2021

Review of: Avalon Crown

Nicely made. Good quality. It’s a little big for my head but it will work just fine for the Medieval Fair
Reviewed by: Carmen, June 14, 2020

Review of: Anastasia Crown

This was bought as a special wedding gift this summer. The crown was crafted very nicely, and the red gem option was perfect as an homage to her birthstone. So many gems  on this and not one out of place or missing- the box was damaged in transit but the internal packaging was safe even for an egg! An added bonus was the set of pins included to secure it upon the head. This makes a fine gift or costume addition for any and all sorts of occasions!!!
Reviewed by: Dwight, September 29, 2019

Review of: Circlet Crown

Honestly this is probably my all time favorite crown. What I like is that it’s easily bendable so you can make it fit pretty much any head shape or size. It’s also very durable and comfortable.
Reviewed by: Anastasia, September 28, 2018

Review of: Circlet Crown

I purchased two of these crowns for me and my daughter to wear at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair it is lightweight easily adjustable and  I picked it because I thought it was pretty and not expensive since I'm only going to be wearing it probably once a year
Reviewed by: MELINDA, March 01, 2017

Review of: Circlet Crown

Reviewed by: Yvonne, December 04, 2011

Review of: Circlet Crown

Looking at this crownlet I was afraid this was going to be rather insubstantial and easily broken by an active 9yo worries here! This item is not as thin as it looks in the pics and is easily adjustable without worrying it is going to snap. The jewel in the crown is also very pretty and a very nice touch. This is a very good deal!
Reviewed by: Kurt, January 11, 2011