Three things you must have in your Night Angel Trilogy collection!

What separates a Cenarianwetboy from a run-of-the-mill assassin is their use of a magical skill called talent. While this mystical ability certainly gives wetboys an edge, it is far from the only tool needed to master the trade. Every contract can present new and possibly unique challenges, which only the well-prepared can survive undaunted. Specialized items like a poisonous dagger, an exquisite sword, and dark concealing armor. We at Museum Replicas have worked closely with the author of the Night Angel Trilogy, Brent Weeks, to bring you faithful representations of these exemplary items. So, if you are a Night Angel Trilogy fan and love collecting artifacts from your favorite fantasy series, then here are three things you must have in your collection.

1. Kylar’s Poison Dagger

Kylar’s Poison Dagger

The Poison Dagger was an integral part in the climactic battle between Kylar Stern and DurzoBlint.The most interesting aspect of this collectible knife, are the small holes in the black carbon blade, designed to allow a wetboy to insert small bits of poison coated cotton, ensuring that even the slightest cut is deadly! A sheath that flawlessly secured the knife was a necessity in order to avoid potentially lethal accidents.

2. Retribution Sword & Retribution Scabbard

 Retribution Sword & Retribution Scabbard

The Retribution Sword is the mainstay weapon of the Night Angel and a driving force for the plot ofBrent Weeks’ novel. This handsome blade is blackened to a luster that imitates the visual effects of the black ka’kari and complete with ancient rune inscriptions etched on both sides of the blade that translate to MERCY down one side and JUSTICE down the other.

The matching scabbard for the Retribution sword is a sturdy black leather sheath with mystical runes embossed on the front, much like the sword itself. The generous, wide leather belt is attached with a laced pattern and has three small glass vials with corks, perfect for poisons and potions used by enterprising wetboy.

3. Night Angel Vambraces

 Night Angel Vambraces


These thick and protective arm guards make a fantastic cosplay and a collectible accessory for Night Angel Trilogy fans. Beautiful embossed black leather with blackened metal buckles help conceal the wearer while offering protection. Be on the lookout for even more Night Angel costuming from Museum Replicas!

These three important pieces are a great start to your Night Angel Trilogy collectibles. Do you have something to add to this? Do remember to share with us!

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