Thompson Saber


This saber features a blade made of 1055 high carbon steel. Modified 1904 Saber guard offers good hand protection. Leather and steel scabbard included. Overall length of 37-3/4 inches.


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The Thompson Saber is not a historical or period-specific sword, rather it is a newly developed, thoroughly modern fighting saber.  Designed by Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson to be a fighter's sword for the modern martial artist. "I believe that the edge is superior to the point when facing multiple opponents." Therefore, while it does thrust well, the Thompson Saber is a cutting tool first and foremost, on foot or horseback.

Hair shaving sharp for the first six inches from the point, then gradually less sharp down through the rest of the blade, leaving enough material to block, parry, and even bludgeon an opponent's blade. It's deeply blued to aid in rust resistance, but also to make the blade harder to see in the fast-paced cut and thrust of combat.  It has a modified 1904 Saber guard, offering amazing hand protection and a sizable ray skin wrapped handle that will accommodate even big modern fencer gloves.

"I designed this sword to be able to make deep cuts even with a flick of the wrist, and it makes monstrous cuts when "drawn" through the target. If you study bladed arts and appreciate the combative potential of the sword, I''m sure you'll love this saber!"

The Thompson Saber comes complete with a heavy-duty thick leather and steel scabbard with a leather belt frog for ease of carry.  1055 Carbon steel blade.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length37-3/4"
Blade Length32"
Weight2lbs 2oz
Material1055 High Carbon


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Write a Review
Quick, capable modern saber
This is actually a really good sword.  It's fast in-hand, well-balanced, and delivers powerful cuts and good parries.  The guard is sturdy and inspires confidence, the grip makes it easy to execute complex maneuvers, and the blade has enough length to both deliver good cuts and easy parries.

This is a much better sword than Cold Steel's "historical" models, and a very good interpretation of a modern saber.
- Michael, July 25, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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CS Thompson Saber and Museum Replicas service
I had to return the CS Thompson saber I got for Christmas as the handle and backstrap were more than a few degrees off from alignment with the blade.  Even with this issue, the over all quality of the  sword was very good and was solid, lightweight and not overly tip heavy as some have reported.  I haven't got the replacement yet but it is worth mentioning that I received prompt, courteous and excellent service from Shelly in returns and that is everything in this kind of circumstance.  Good job Shelly and I hope your bosses appreciate you as much as I do.  I will update this when I recieve the new saber.  WMacLaren
- William, January 11, 2018
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