Things to consider when purchasing your first sword

Purchasing a sword, especially your first can come with some pit falls if you’re not careful and there are considerations you need to take into account to make sure your money is well spent and you get what you really want. A sword can be an investment and even art form. A sword can be an amazing and interesting item to highlight in a room that creates intrigue and conversation. Keep this in mind-

  • Looks Alone. What? The coolest looking sword with all those dragons and fire may not be the sword for me? It’s natural for us to gravitate to the first sword that gives us an emotional reaction. However, the old adages hold true, you can’t judge a book by its cover and you get what you pay for. Take a moment and breath; look into the entire category that drew your interest whether it is fantasy, history or martial arts. Educate yourself and explore options that best suit your price point and requirements for how it will be displayed or used.

  • After Purchase Considerations. Think about these things before you purchase. After I have my sword, now what? Many swords require care after purchase which requires time and some further investment on your part for as long as you own it (high carbon steel). Will this be put on display or worn? How? Will it be stored for lengths of time? What will be the preferred method to do that in such a way that it won’t negatively impact your beautiful sword? If used, will it need to be re-sharpened? There is some cost to ownership, so be prepared and take care of your sword after the purchase and you can enjoy it a lifetime.

  • Function and Expectations. The right tool for the right job. A sword was designed with a specific purpose in mind. It was never intended to take aggressive edge to edge debilitating blows or chop down trees. One person chipped ice from his driveway with one (until it broke the sword not the ice). If you have to pound something use a hammer, chop down a tree use an axe, break concrete use a jackhammer…please. The sword will function properly for many years with respect and care. Your first sword should reflect its intended purpose in the materials it is made from and manufacturing process used to construct it.

  • Settling Due to Cost. We’ve been there. You simply get what you can at the time whether it’s for cost considerations or impatience or even availability. The regret of settling never goes away. You may grow to like the impulse or even inappropriate decision more over time, but you never really love the fact you didn’t get what you’d hoped for to begin with. For many this is your first step into full blown collecting though. So there is that plus…

Museum Replicas and Atlanta Cutlery have been selling, designing and partnering on manufacturing of swords since the mid 1980’s, our parent company Windlass since 1943. We know a thing or two about swords. If you have questions about what is right for you, please let us know and we’ll help you make the right decision about that sword you will cherish (and brag about) for years to come.

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