Themed Boxes Arrive At Museum Replicas!

Greetings and a special welcome to all purveyors of things pirate and Viking! Museum Replicas understands that when putting together an outfit from scratch it can be tedious and time consuming to have to find and piece together all the right parts one item at a time. That’s why we’ve endeavored to put together a series of themed boxes comprised of multiple items designed to give you a head start…and at a discount to boot!

For a starting example let’s go into the details of the Swashbuckler Box. The gear in this kit will have you primed for a life at sea with some privateer essentials. Like the Pirate Captain’s Hanger, a high carbon steel saber with a protective hilt. Carrying a sword on a less than steady ship can lead to problems so it’s best to keep that blade secure. You’ll find that easy enough with the included Leather Sword Frog! With its Chicago style rivets the straps can be adjusted so you can use this frog with a litany of other blades as well! If there’s one look that instantly recognizable as pirate apparel it’s the eye patch. Don the genuine Leather Eye Patch included in this kit and it won’t be long before the sea starts calling to you! Finally this set comes with a pair of Captain’s Cups. Great for sharing celebration with your fellow mates as pirates were a social type preferring to travel in crews.

Pirates aren’t the only ones found of long sea voyages. If you find yourself looking to the horizon as an opportunity to seek new worlds, the Viking Explorer Box will aid in your journey’s preparation. This set proudly brings you the Ashdown Viking Sword, a one-handed blade of high carbon steel ready to battle whatever the future may bring. To help guide you on your journey you’ll also find a Viking Raven Pewter Pendant. Ravens are a symbol of Odin and sometimes symbolize the pursuit of knowledge. This pendant is no different showcasing a centralized raven surrounded by Viking runes. The Viking Explorer Box also comes with a leather coin pouch, simply crafted leather gives an authentic look and feel to any look and as a bonus this pouch comes with replica Viking coins too! Finally this kit will provide you with the Carved Viking Dragon Drinking Horn, perfect for celebrating after a good expedition. Made with genuine horn this piece has been painstakingly carved by hand adding artistry to its rugged look.

The last set is meant for celebration. From parties at the Great Hall to celebrating festivals the Viking Celebration Kit will allow you to party just like it’s 799 A.D.! This kit will have you looking smart with the Odin’s Raven Pewter Pendant displayed on your chest! This necklace has been shaped into a flying raven whose silhouette has been filled with knot work. If you’re going to look smart you may as well eat smart be using the included Iron Feasting Utensil Set with Pouch. This set has been forged by hand and the artistry is easily evident in the twisted handles and dyed leather pouch. Keep the mead flowing with the next item, a hand forged Iron Bottle Opener! Great for parties and can even be slipped on a key ring, this bottle opener will last for years to come. Last, but certainly not least, is the Viking Horn Tankard. This massive vessel made of genuine horn would even make Thor proud and is a perfect complement to your next feast.

Museum Replicas hopes these pre-built kits will make it easy for beginners and veterans alike to add new looks to their costume repertoire.  Is there an era or culture you think could use the same treatment? Let us know in the comments!

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