Theatrical Shell Hilt Dueling Blade


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This sword is perfect for stage or any choreographed weapon combat.  The flat, safe & strong, rectangular cross section of the schlager-style blade holds up to terrific stress and allows for realistic dueling and rapier action.  Tip is round for further safety. The tempered, high carbon steel blade is meant to bend to absorb thrusts (and if out of line can easily be bent back without affecting performance).  The blade has been nickel plated for protection from rust while in transit. Parts are solid metal and plated silver.  Grip is hand turned wood with brass wire for great grip.  Light, fast and good looking.  No scabbard available. Made in Spain.
  • Overall: 41"
  • Blade: 33-1/2"
  • Wt: approximately 1 lb


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Write a Review
I got the dish hilted ones because they were the only ones left.I like them and only got them for practice.The balance is ok how ever I got two and one was tight and the other one a little loose. I also did wrap the handles because the wire on wood does bite into your hand if you dont wear gloves. I also noticed the pommel is not the same as was in the picture.I feel they could have been a whole better made but for 30 dollars I feel they will be fine for all the practicing I am going do with them.  
- Anthony, July 05, 2012
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Weight's fine; point of balance is about four inches above the shell.

The brass wire on the grip is only a loose, braided affair that makes handling it very uncomfortable without gloves. It's a good idea to do so, wrap the hilt in something else, remove the wire altogether, or both.

The coating on the blade chips readily, and both swords I ordered arrived with patches of rust on them. One was built solidly, the other has a shell and crossguard that rattle and shift a lot.
- Patrick, April 10, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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