The Raven Rondel Dagger


This dagger has a long, straight triple-edged and blackened 1065 carbon steel blade. Rosewood handle with brass pins. File work embellished double dish guard and pommel. Matching leather and steel sheath with hanging chape included. Overall 16-1/2 inches.
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This stunning Rondel Dagger from Cold Steel is inspired by historical examples of the combative incarnation of this Medieval dagger. This side arm was developed to pierce mail or even heavy clothing and to slip through gaps in plate armor.

The long, straight triple-edged and hollow ground blackened 1065 carbon steel blade is incredibly stiff and terminates in a needle sharp point. The handle is turned and finished from Rosewood, with brass pins added to give further decoration and more traction to the grip. The double dish guard and pommel are further embellished with file work and offer incredible hand protection. A matching leather and blued steel sheath with hanging chape is included, allowing the Rondel Dagger be tied to a belt or baldric and comfortably worn in a variety of positions.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length16-1/2"
Blade Length11-1/2"
Blade Width2"
Blade Thickness1/4"
Grip Length5"
Material1065 High Carbon Steel


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Write a Review
The Point Is Mightier Than the Edge
The Cold Steel Raven rondel dagger is a perfect example of a weapon designed purely for thrusting:  the strong, triangular-cross-section blade has no edges -- only a point that can surely pierce fabric, leather, or mail, and very likely plate of field-harness thickness.  It is a thrusting weapon pure and simple; additionally, since it has no edge to dull, it could readily be used as a parrying weapon.  Handsome and functional -- what more needs be said?
- Stanley, December 06, 2018
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A beast of a dagger
Heavy, meaty, ready for battle. Something that is worthy of a knight. This is a thing of beauty. The pictures don't do it justice. The bluing really sets the look of the contrasting bright corners of the blade. The dark brown handle does the same for the brass studs.

This was the first Cold Steel product that I have purchased and I was impressed. The factory packaging was great and offered excellent protection. The fit and finish is very good.
- Wilson, July 20, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Thumbs Up
An interesting facet about this weapon (and there are plenty - many, yet to be diacovered), is the pommel forces my medium, albeit masculin, hand in a "fist grip" like one would expect of a cut-and-thrust weapon weapon.

This is an amazing pokey weapon, while one might expect it to be held like one, it isn't.

If you have a large hand and expect to hold this dagger with a "thumbs up"  grip, your thumb will not fit.

Similarly, this prevents a medieval "thumb behind the end" grip.

I'm thrilled with my Raven.
- Michael, April 12, 2020
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