The mighty Thor! (plus others)

OK, you've all heard by now about many of the new things being released in the next few months from Marvel and Frank Miller by us, but here is some advanced warning at other products coming in the next wave including World of Warcraft and The Tudors (up for an Emmy for costuming by the way).
They're all full size and wearable of course. If these were real, that's the way they should be made right?
Dr. Dooms helmet (full helmet)
Wolverines claws from X2/X3
Infinity gauntlet
Thor helmets (yes, 2 versions)
Iron Man the movie props
Submariners trident
Captain America 1942 shield
Moon Knight crescents
300 & Sin City:
Spartan armor, spear, brooch, necklace, loin covering
Greek warriors armor
Miho swords and throwing ah, crosses.
World of Warcraft:
Weapons and armor
Clothing, war flags and banners will be first for Xmas.
The Tudors:
Clothing from the series for all you men and women of royal birth. (OK, we'll sell to anyone.) Plus King Henry's sword and armor for starters.
Save those pennies and make peace with your spouse now, we're going to give you access to the best collectibles and clothing around.
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