The Helmet of Marcus Aquila


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  • Officially licensed from the Focus Features film The Eagle™
  • Full color Certificate of Authenticity
  • Fully Wearable with Padded Lining
  • Authentic Red Horse Hair Crest
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Hand formed in steel and antiqued, this Roman Officers helmet from Focus Features Roman epic The Eagle is truly worthy of any Roman hero.  Using the actual screen used prop, every detail has been captured and meticulously replicated.  The regal red crest is genuine horse hair and the interior is lined with padding and adjustable. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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The Eagle live action motion picture ©2011 Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLP. All Rights Reserved.


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Write a Review
I've always wanted a roman centurion helmet,  I love this film, and this was on sale-what a better time to buy, right? But I have to admit I was disappointed by this item...
  Not only is the helmet different then the original film prop (I have pictures and film footage to prove it)it is HUGE (I'm 6'2"). First, the cheek pieces do not flair at the base as does the real film prop, the goat emblem on the cheek looks like a blob, the form is completely lost. Also the "lobster tail" back plate is far too large and sits too low on the helmet, sticking out over your back way too far (see the official site linked here on Museum Replicas for a video that shows the actual helmet for reference). With this low-quality design, the helmet is over-priced I'm sad to say. I usually love Museum Replica's products but this one clearly misses the mark...
I called customer service to see if someone could tell me more about the helmet or assure me that I had gotten a bad one, but as nice as the person was on the other end, they had zero knowledge of the general quality of the item and could not direct me to anyone who did. They could only tell me the helmets were made in India. Caveat emptor on this one...
- Drew, May 31, 2012
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Helmet looks like its been through a few battles. horse hair crest is not as red as pictured.a couple of quality issues with workmanship but still looks good in my man cave.I'm glad I got it on sale.
- Mark, February 23, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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- John, April 17, 2011
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