The Death Dealer Collection

Museum Replicas is proud to announce it's collaboration with the Frazetta Art Museum to bring you the licensed Death Dealer line! Drawn by legendary artist Frank Frazetta, this iconic image of a dark warrior has made a lasting impression on the fantasy community. First commercially used as the cover art for the debut album of the band Molly Hatchet, the Death Dealer has seen consistent action since then. The popularity of this artwork inspired its own novels, soon to be followed by statues, action figures, and a comic book series! As if that wasn't impressive enough since 1985 the Death Dealer has been the mascot of the US Army III Corps. They even have a full-size metal replica at their headquarters! The Death Dealer pulls double duty though and also serves as a mascot for the USMC VMM-164 helicopter squadron! Frazetta's artwork has been an outstanding symbol of American fantasy and the time has come for it to be immortalized in a collection that does such a warrior justice. Museum Replicas' licensed props hold nothing back. Awe-inspiring arms and armor made with real steel in proportions fit for a nearly 7 foot tall veteran of combat.

The Death Dealer Shield is massive and nearly classifies as a tower shield, with the Death Dealer falcon emblazoned upon it.

The Death Dealer Sword is equally impressive at 41 inches in length. Forged with high carbon steel to give you a real working blade.

The Death Dealer Axe is a fantasy cleaver of warriors dreams. Also made with high carbon steel and weighing in at a monstrous 10 pounds!

Finally and most notably is the Death Dealer Helm, constructed with 18 gauge steel this ominous helm steals the show!

The limited edition, numbered, signed version is now available for pre-order which includes a certificate of authenticity hand signed by Frank Frazetta Jr! You can even register your collection online to protect its integrity through the ages. This stunning collection stands as glorious as the artwork itself and deserves a place in any true warriors collection!

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