The Bannockburn Sword


This high carbon steel Scottish sword has double fullers, sloped cross guard and solid brass fittings with an antique finish. The wooden handle has been covered in soft, black leather. Includes a sword belt with black leather scabbard. Arrives sharpened from the factory.


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Whether you are a descendant of the Bruce or simply an avid collector of swords, you will truly appreciate this piece as a real beauty. Based on Scottish swords of the period, it features a slopping crossguard, beautiful spatulate ends and a round pommel with a riveted block. Our version, from the smiths of Windlass Steelcrafts, has a tempered high-carbon blade with double fullers running nearly the full length. All of the fittings are solid brass, which have been given an antique finish. The wooden handle has been covered in soft, black leather for a sure grip. The sword comes complete with a black leather period scabbard with sword belt and antique brass fittings. Arrives sharpened from the factory.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length41-1/2"
Blade Length32-3/4"
Blade Width2"
Blade Thickness3/16"
Weight3 lbs / 2 oz
Material1065 High Carbon Steel


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Write a Review
Bannockburn Sword
This is a big nice looking sword.I had it sharpened and it came very sharp and well packaged. However The pommel didnt come close to matching the brass crossguard the pommel was the color of gray cast iron when i tried to polish it came out the color of bronze which i think it is. anyway no match, also it was not in line with the crossguard. It came with a nice scabbard. Still a impressive sword.
- Kenneth, October 01, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Good and Bad
I can feel good workmanship snd construction on this sword.. However, the pommel appears to be aluminum or tin and not brass. Consequently, the sword is front-heavy and needs about a pound of weight more on the pommel.

Also, as a single-handed sword, the balance issue still doesn't help.  Adding a leather wrap or turk's head to choke forward onto the guard provides a consideration this sword could be more of a bastard than the bastards in the category, "bastard sword."

The sharpening service didn't work out, and chewed a non-cutting angle that knocked the edge out of line with the bevel.  I have to do a lot of grinding to put a proper edge on it. The cost for sharpening was refunded immediately when I spoke up about it.

I'm not sure why the description mentions Robert the Bruce or even Bannockburn for the name of the design.  One painting of the battle shows a sloped crossguard on an arming sword, in the hand of another warrior, not Robert the Bruce. Interestingly, the spatulated ends on a sloped crossguard match nothing I could find in the archaeology of the place except one, single example, a dirk. However, the entire hilt assembly matches in form.. That example isn't affiliated with the Bruce or Bannockburn, as far as I could tell.

I don't like having to work on a new sword. But I can accept it if it's minor; the aluminum pommel is heartbreaking.. It really affects the performance of the sword and just feels like I made a mistake..

It shipped very quickly, which was nice.
- Gary, September 14, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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I like it!
I was not sure what to expect when I picked this up on the deal of the day, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is one of those swords that shows better in person. The blade has authority but the hilt is large enough for a second hand if needed. Everything is right and tight and the double fullers a executed beautifully.
- Dan, January 20, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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James Douglas Sword !
I was not sure when I saw this sword in presale.  Prefering waiting for the nice Faithkeeper Templar Sword to come out.  As soon as I saw it in Netflix's Outlaw King, I liked it better :) I ordered it from an official distributor in Canada. I am very happy with the sword. Perhaps I would have liked better that finish of the pommel and guard be identical. The guard is polished while the pommel is not. The sword is peened, which in itself is a big plus for many collectors. It is heavy enough for a one-handed sword. It could be a hand and a half? The sheath is very simple. I would have probably preferred a scabbard with a wooden heart and more decorated, as are more and more the swords of Windlass Steelcratfs. A nice purchase and addition to my collection. I give a 4 stars!
- Philippe, June 10, 2019
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