The Attack of the New Software...aaaahhh!!

Hide the women and children, make sure your Wills are up-to-date, kiss your loved ones one last time or love the one you're with (sorry about that last one), we're unleashing the dreaded New Software Monster!

Monster is definitely the right term and it's going as smooth as you might expect.Sooooo, I'm beggin you to be patient while we run the beast to ground. Hopefully you won't ever see the beast rear its ugly head, but if you are one of the unfortunates, just don't look it in the eye.

We're doing our best and should be running smoothly in just a few short months, uh weeks... What? Stop hitting me. Oh, I should tell them days? OK.

Thanks for your understanding, we really will try to get through this with as little disruption to your buying experience as possible, so take heart.

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