An exciting steampunk web series, Archangel from the winter’s End Chronicles, is based in 1893 London and follows the adventures of a crime-fighting vigilante known as the Archangel. Museum Replica’s exclusive line of costumes and accessories designed for this production is inspired by this on-going action adventure story.

Archangel’s London is not the romantic Victorian metropolis we have grown to know. Rather, it is the setting for a vast criminal network, known as “The Legion”, which is responsible for having corrupted governments and for oppressing common citizens. In this alternate historical timeline, humanity has harnessed the power of steam and steel to attain unprecedented technological heights, however, the criminal element has risen to power. Against this backdrop, arises a vigilante who is dedicated to completely destroying this evil army. The people have named him, the Archangel.

Archangel sleeveless coat

The Archangel series represents the best of steampunk, ridden with gorgeous clock-work props, meticulous costuming, intricate sets, and sepia-tinged cinematography. The aesthetics of the production quality and the evocative visual imagery is captivating. Museum Replicas collection includes various masterpieces from the series. The steampunk world of 1893 can be a dangerous place but the Elite London Police Force is always standing ready in snazzy in a beautiful uniform jacket, made of black, suit-weight twill with padded shoulders and Nehru collar and a plastron front, buttoned into place with eleven antique brass buttons. Yet another classic costume is the EmpireOpera Coat, a formal tailcoat with a steampunk twist, with rich black brocade with artificial seal-skin lapels, antiqued brass gear buttons, and a real watch pocket. A perfect way of finishing the look is by just slipping on the Archangel sleeveless coat along with it!

Archangel Utility Belt

A smart companion piece for just about any steampunk ensemble is, without doubt, the ArchangelSteampunk Utility Belt. High quality aged leather and antique brass hardware give the belt an excellent appearance that you can strap on confidently for a very smart authentic steampunk look.

Airship Captain Saber

A standout item which you can’t afford to miss is the extraordinary Airship Captain Boots. The antique brass metal plates and gear buckles create a distinct, authentic and bold look. Do not miss the antiqued leather caps and the exotic ‘leather flying cap’! Team them up with the goggles we offer and you will look ‘steampunk’ in a second. The outlandish Airship Captain Saber and Airship Pirate Boarding Axe deserve a place in any weapon collector’s assortment. The cherry on the steampunk cake, the jewel of the crown, is perhaps the Archangel masks. Made of fiberglass, they have been painted to resemble antique metal. They are available in two ingenious designs, the Archangel Mark I Mask and the Archangel Mark II Mask, and make you look and feel like you can defend Victorian London.

So, get set, and go full steampunk!

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