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Traveling?  Don't forget these amazing collections of weaponry

The history of edged weapons is long, dating well beyond imagination and our borders.  Should you find yourself traveling and wanting to visit a museum that will no doubt pique your interest, there are a few to keep in mind (feel free to send us your recommendations too).  From copper & bronze to iron and various steel alloys you'll find helmets, armor, spears, daggers, swords, pole arms, pikes, frontier knives and so much more from various periods including the earliest records of use to present day wars.  Visiting these great resources is a must.

The Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson, Leeds & Tower of London
Castle Museum, York
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Imperial War Museum, London
Museum of London
Wallace Collection, London
Windsor Castle Museum,
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Musee de L'Armee, Paris
Musee du Louvre, Paris
Musee Massena Joubert, Nice

Historisches Museum, Dresden
Museum Fur Deutsche Geschichte, Berlin


Museo Nazionale, Florence
Museum Stibbert Collection, Florence
Vatican Museums, Rome


Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh

Armoury, Palacio Real de Madrid

Allentown Art Museum, PA
Brooklyn Museum, NY
Chicago Museum of History, IL
City Art Museum, MO
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
Frazier International History Museum, KY
Worcester Art Museum, MA (holding the great Higgins Armory collection)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
National Knife Museum, TN
Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
West Point Museum, NY

We'll add more as we go!

by Robin Chaudhuri, MRL Senior Writer