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The task of recreating (as closely as is humanly possible) garments from decades past in what is truly a galaxy of choices is a bit daunting, but worth every late night we spent on it.  Every outfit presented here is made (when possible) from the same materials, cut-patterns, swatches and any other physical reference still available from private collections and the Lucasfilm archives that each actor wore on screen.  Where nothing exists, we have used all remaining photographic evidence, the extensive knowledge of the archive staff and in some cases some well recognized and extremely well educated fans who have had authentication given to them by Lucasfilm in their findings to recreate the textiles.

Such a rich visual style was used that it transcends language and just seeing a Imperial Officer or the Queen dressed in her palace gown, almost larger than life, is definitely a head-turner.

The designs, although often times elaborate were also intentionally kept very clean and deliberate to place emphasis on the rich character traits desired, each outfit tells a definite story of their own -- be it Queen Amidala's elaborate gowns or Obi-Wans cloak.  Without knowing a thing about a character, their intentions and side they chose are unmistakable.

The only way to capture that for you is to use everything available about a character or outfit no matter how small and if relevant at all, work to recreate it to the best of our ability.  Textiles and trim have been sourced from 4 different countries and made from scratch in our own factories with strict oversight where the materials no longer exist to make sure we captured the true feel and give you the chance to live in the galaxy George Lucas created.

We proudly present the first of many costumes that definitively address the true fans needs and desires and pay homage to the most influential movie series of all time. Museum Replica’s line debuted in the spring and continues the remarkable popularity of high-end collectibles for discerning STAR WARS enthusiasts.  We will be offering 18 costumes over a period of 3 years, featuring replica clothing and armor of such unforgettable characters as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia.

The STAR WARS clothing collection can be seen in person at the Museum Replicas/Windlass Studios exhibitor booths at the Transworld Costume Show Las Vegas, San Diego Comic-Con & Atlanta Dragon*Con 2010.