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Celtic Skull Dagger
Sold out!
This fantasy offering recalls the Celtic cult of the head. Skulls were often placed in sacred areas and at the corners of buildings for protection from enemies and to ward off evil. This large dagger is topped with a skull pommel carved with Celtic designs. The blade is leaf shaped and forged from well-tempered high carbon steel. The grip is hardwood covered in leather which matches the scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Can be sharpened for an additional fee.
  • Overall: 18" 
  • Blade: 12" long, 1-13⁄16" wide, 3⁄16" thick 
  • Wt: 1 lb/10 oz
Sacred Scarab Chest
sold out!
Artifacts from the Nile! It’s evident Egyptian royalty lived very well and now you can too, at far less than a Pharaohs ransom. This highly detailed Sacred Scarab Chest is made of hand painted resin. Beautiful deities and hieroglyphics adorn every surface. The top lifts off to store jewelry, but that's not all – the side slides open to reveal more space for sacred treasures.
  • Overall: 5-3⁄4" long, 4-1⁄2" tall, 3-5⁄8" wide
Create-a-Castle Kit
sold out
Be a medieval architect! With this kit you can mould and make hundreds of bricks to build your own solid stone Castle of Camelot. Children young and old will enjoy mixing & pouring their own castle stones and assembling this mighty fortress. Includes enough mix for hundreds of stones, along with 10 plastic knights, plastic landscape mat with moat, flag and pole and detailed plans. Recommended for children over 8.
Fencing Main Gauche
Temporarily Unavailable!
Hanwei's Fencing Main Gauche is made as a match for the Musketeer  and Schlaeger Blade Fencing Rapiers. It is fitted with a training blade that combines adequate parrying stiffness at the forte with tip flexibility for safety, making the piece ideal for two-weapon sparring. The safe, flexible blade is very light and quick and is used by many Renaissance fencing organizations. Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item.
  • Overall: 22-1/4"
  • Blade: 17-1/4"
  • Wt: 7 oz
Captain Sinbad Vest
Sold out!
This Captain Sinbad Vest is made of a rich, heavy cotton brocade with open front and dual black chains with clasps.  Available in M only.

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