Sword Sharpening Service at Museum Replicas

All Windlass swords and daggers will stand up to proper swordplay, both choreographed stage combat and re-enactments. This does not mean that the blades are indestructible. No matter what the claim, any blade can be damaged or broken in use. Our weapons are well tempered, and because of this are hard enough to take a very good edge yet are not so hard that they do not retain a good spring action. A sword that is too soft or un-tempered will not break, it will simply bend and stay bent and if sharpened it will not hold an edge.

When using your sword for swordplay we cannot stress enough that you should wear proper protection for eyes and face, as well as your full body. Even an unsharpened sword can cause serious injury and if precaution is not used easily break bone. In fighting with sword on sword, the opponent’s blade should be parried with the side of the blade. Edge to edge sword blows will nick both weapons no matter what the steel or temper. Also slapping with the side of the blade should be avoided as a very hard slap can break the blade. These simple truths go for not just our weapons but for any sword or edged weapon.

Our sharpening services are intended to make the sword cut better; it is not a polishing service.  We use a high speed Bader machine which is not a standard belt grinder.  It is a sharpening machine with continuous belt designed to sharpen any blade, not just knives which have a different sectional geometry from swords. We use a 2 step process, starting with a 320 naxpro belt and finishing with a 30 micron belt.

Great care is taken by our experienced staff to not allow the blade to become over heated. The low abrasive continuous belts insure you get the best possible edge on your weapon.  We suggest that you maintain your sword with products such as Windlass Rustblocker or our Flitz kit for proper care.

Have fun!

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