The Anatomy of a Sword: Basic Sword Terminology

Pommel: The butt end of a sword that acts to secure the hilt parts as well as provide a counterbalance to the blade for better maneuverability.

Grip: The area between the pommel and crossguard that is grasped by the hand.

Crossguard: The metal cross piece that separates the hand from the blade. Its primary function is to protect the hand from harm from other blades and hard blows.

Quillon: The long extension of the crossguard.

Hilt: What the complete hand assembly is called including the pommel, grip and crossguard.

Ricasso: The shoulder of the blade where it meets the hilt. Depending on model this can be flat or ground to the shape of the blade.

Fuller: A groove running down the blade that strengthens and lightens a blade.

Blade: The extended steel portion used for cutting.

Point: The tip of the blade.

Scabbard: Sometimes called a sheath, protects the blade and offers a safe way to carry the weapon.

Throat or Locket: The top of the scabbard that accepts the sword blade.

Chape or Tip: The end of the scabbard.

Furniture: A general term that refers to all accents adorning a scabbard.

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