Forging Swords

Every sword Windlass® makes is proudly hand forged by master bladesmiths from a single ingot of high carbon steel.  Windlass chooses the designations 1065, 1075, 1085 or 1095 depending on application.  After the ingot is heated and hammered (sometimes by as many as 3 smiths alternating different sized hammers!) into its general shape a highly experienced grinder gives it its final shape and the blade is polished.

Tempering takes place to relieve the stress that the heat causes in the crystal structure of the steel and is one of the most important steps in making any sword regardless of steel chosen.  It is this step that further separates your blade from others as a Windlass temper is superior due its state-of-the-art computer controlled ovens.

The final step is to test the blade and have an expert visually approve the sword by a quality control inspection.  This ensures the blade you receive is one of the finest made in the world.