General Care and Maintenance of Sword Blades

The major purpose of proper sword maintenance is to make sure the metal surfaces do not oxidize or rust. It is necessary to thoroughly remove the stale oil and any dirt that may have accumulated on your blade and replace it entirely with new oil.

We recommend a basic cleaning every 2-3 months. More often if the blade is worn/handled regularly.

Make sure the blade is away from you and work very carefully to avoid injury.

First use a cloth to wipe the blade free of any surface oil, grit, or grime.

Second, using a clean, soft cotton cloth apply a small amount of metal polishing paste to the surface to be cleaned. Rub the paste with light to moderate pressure in a circular motion. Then buff to a high luster with a soft dry cloth. Do not allow the paste to dry on the surface. Repeat as necessary.

Once clean, lightly oil the blade with a compound like Windlass Rustblocker and wipe off excess to provide a barrier against moisture.

Sword Care and Handling video

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