Sword Of Orleans


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Circa 1430

This late cruciform sword bears five bold crosses on its blade. Legend tells us that the heroine Joan Of Arc bore such a sword during her campaigns in the Hundred Years Wars between England and France. This sword would have made an inspiring sight as it was carried forward at the head of an army. The parts are steel and the grip is wrapped in leather cord. Fully tempered high carbon blade. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Includes scabbard. Can be sharpened for additional charge.
  • Overall: 38 1/2"
  • Blade: 32" long, 2" wide, 3/16" thick
  • Wt: 3 lbs/6 oz


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Write a Review
The sword that Saint Joan Of Arc wore at the raising of the seige of Orleans, France on May 7th, 1429 has come to be comsidered as instrument of Holy Intent.  Joan never killed, injured or in anyway harmed anyone with that sword.  She is known to have banished more than one prostitute from the encamps with it by swacking them on their backsides as She was chasing them out of Camp.  It is believed that Joan either gave up Her sword with the 5 crosses on it at St.Denis where She placed a suit of armor in front of the main alter after Her defeat at Paris or possibly it was taken from Her when She was captured at Campiegn on May 19, 1431.
- Roger, February 08, 2010
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