Swept Hilt Rapier


This rapier sword is hand-forged and has a high carbon steel blade with a diamond cross section. All-steel guard and pommel are accented with a real bleached, polished bone grip. Overall 43-3/4 inches.
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This swept hilt rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Our version is hand forged by the skilled artisans at Windlass Steelcrafts and has a blade of high carbon steel with a diamond cross section. This gives the blade firmness, yet allowing it to be flexible in action. The all steel guard and ornate pommel are accented with a real bleached, polished bone grip. Includes a full leather scabbard with steel throat and shoe.

This was one of our most popular rapiers for a number of years and was retired years ago. We are proud to bring back this elegant sword by popular demand as one of our Windlass Classics.

NOTE: Bone is a natural product and may have slight variations from the photo shown, giving each handle a unique "one of a kind" finish.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Blade Material1075 High Carbon Steel
Overall Length43-3/4"
Blade Length38-1/2"
Blade Width7/8"
Grip Length3-3/4"


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Write a Review
Swept hilt rapier #500094
Instead of getting a full refund, I decided to substitute  Guinegate sword #501695 for swept hilt rapier #500094 after waiting for order # 261587 for over a year.  I have the brass cup hilt rapier from 24 years ago. This model # 500094 was being offered around the same time.  The package arrived yesterday well packed, in good condition and on schedule. I inspected the swept hilt rapier. There are welding seams around the quillon block, but it seems seated firm. the long diamond section blade is straight with a little sag in the supine position. The swept hilt and pommel are very secure on the tang. No rattle.  Bone grip is well polished and lacquered.  The leather scabbard is secure on the blade- no sliding out if held upside down!  It fits well in my homemade leather baldric. It matches with a main gauche I bought 27 years ago. I would rate this sword and scabbard a 5 out of 5 stars for quality and value.  I checked the I'm not a robot square 7 times! Good bye!
- Kevin, April 06, 2024
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Nicely Made Rapier
Rapiers have become a special part of my collection. They are elegant and light. This one is no exception. It is not too ornate, somewhat basic. But any rapier has a special quality to it. Very maneuverable. If you're thinking of adding a rapier to your collection, this is not at all a bad place to start.
- John, April 11, 2023 | Verified Purchase
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Swept Hilt Rapier
A beautiful sword . Well worth Buying. The scabbard is made of very thin leather be careful not to bend or it will take a crease.
- Kenneth, October 01, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Excellent quality and craftsmanship.  Balance is a bit tip heavy.  

I’m looking forward to my next purchase!
- Douglas, November 24, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Good sword
Another good sword. I have used it for what it is made for. The very end or tip of the sword is a little out of true but it has enough flex to off set it. This sword will work. I have to say all in all well worth the money.
- James, November 20, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Love it!
After wanting one of these for many years, I finally  ordered one, and I'm so glad I did. It looks and feels great, and I love it.

As noted in another review, the blade is quite long but it's not an issue for me (5'11"). It looks even better with a treatment of Renaissance Wax.

My minor complaints: Mine was shipped in a box that was slightly undersized for the main guards, both of which had punched through opposite sides of the box by the time it arrived. One guard was noticeably bent, but I bent it back into place. Also, I do wish sharpening was available for this rapier. But those are minor and I love it.
- David, December 22, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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Just a minor issue.
The sword is great though I ordered months ago. The only issue it it doesn’t fit in the sheath all the way and sticks out about 2 inches and have to forcefully push it in. Should come out of sheath with some ease.
- Katie, September 20, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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Thank you very much for your review! We are glad to hear that you love the sword, although we do apologize for the issue with the sheath. Each of our pieces is hand forged by master blacksmiths, but variations do occasionally occur. In the fit and finishing of the blade, those minor variations can lead to what you're experiencing. With a little bit of use, the sheath should loosen up and it should start operating nice and smoothly.
- MRL Team
Love this sword! I had originally bought the Deschaux rapier, but it turned out to be too long and heavy for my build (I'm about 5'9"). This one feels perfect and looks great. The handle on the Deschaux looks more dramatic, but the handle on the Swept-Hilt I received had some nice natural color to it, not the plastic looking white like in the photo. The handle is fairly thin, so if you have big hands it may feel too small to control, but again, I'm a smaller dude, so if works for me quite well. I also got the Deschaux left hand dagger, which looks great with this sword. The blade style is identical, and the handle is close enough to look appropriate. The dagger is being discontinued, so grab one soon if you want a nice looking set.
- Shawn, August 02, 2017
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I really like this rapier, the balance is amazing.  The bone grip has a very nice white color, the swept hilt has a finished steel look and doesn't have the chrome look, like in pics, which is very nice.  I am really hoping for more throw back swords like this in the future, such as the Arras rapier, Spanish fluted cup hilt, there are many nice models that should be brought back.  It would be impossible to find as nice a model for the price.  Many Kudos!!!!
- Brian, March 27, 2017
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Ultimately this blade turned out better then I was expecting. One of the pictures on this site shows the blade with very ugly looking lines on it, but what I received was well made, and very obviously hand forged. The only possible complaint is that the temper of the steel wasn't great, because it turned out a little bit more bendy then I feel would be optimal.
For the price however, 5 stars!!

For those considering this sword, here are a few observations:
*The Pommel is Peened.
(This is good for historical accuracy and durability.)
*Bone handle not terribly bleached.
(Expected whiter, but natural looking is good.)
*Guard and Handle larger then expected.
(This is good, sized for actual use.)
*Blade bends a little too much.
(Often swords like this are described as "Whippy".)
*Blade returns to True after a bend.
(Quality high carbon tempered steel.)
*Distal Taper is present.
(Not only tapers in width but in thickness, this is good.)
*Scabbard is tight fitting.
(A rare quality for swords of this price.)
*Scabbard has no wood core.
(Aside from a bit of wood at the top, entirely leather.)
- William, March 07, 2017
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Swift, light and as agile as a light-saber;  this beautiful rapier is top of line and a real eye-pleasing addition to anyone's sword collection.
- Sam, February 17, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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Wanted this years ago and missed out. My wife got the repop for me for Valentine's Day! Excellent quality with an even, regular blade and excellent temper (I bent the heck out of it; returned to True). Fits well in the scabbard. This was the rapier I wanted, and it's a great blade.
- Gordon, February 14, 2017
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