Stormtrooper, Luke & Emperor Oh My!

Didn't I tell you? After many blaster fights, our new Stormtrooper is going to be on display for the first time at Comic Con and Celebration V. And speaking of firsts, this is the very first time that Lucasfilm has let anyone cast directly off a screen worn suit from A New Hope, with all it's glorious quirks and all. We'll be taking pre-orders later this fall so start saving those Republic Credits. And you can't have minions without a leader so you'll also get the complete Emperor outfit as well (being shown at the same time).

Don't worry, for all of you that can't come dry your tears. We'll have full spreads soon on our site and catalogs. Not the same you say? Hey we're not the ones late on the draw for tickets to the show.

Well we're off to the Con, stop by and say hi or we'll think you antisocial and such. You wouldn't want that would you?

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