Stories of the Immortals!

Being in the business of sword manufacture can lead to some interesting finds around the office. You can find miscellaneous weapons in different stages of production, sketches of marvelous new clothing designs as well as various baubles and medieval decor pieces. One of my favorites though has to be new books to read! Fantasies filled with swordplay and adventure! For many, it's were the journey all began. It wouldn't be fair to keep it all to myself now, would it? From the minds of W.L. Jones and L. Bordoni comes the Highlander Imagine Series, and yes, it's THAT Highlander! What's so amazing about this series is that the authors have been given the authority to elaborate on some of the Highlander cannon stories! Taking place five seconds before the bullet hit Tessa in the episode called The Darkness this series explores the lives of this immortal family from then on. Cool!! Of course, there is an angle of involvement for us as well. It has been Museum Replicas own swords and images that have been used for reference! The book even has a picture section to give a clear idea of what characters are wielding! Such an amazing story, with the right setting and right information, is a fun reading extension of the original works!

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