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The Romans forged one of the mightiest empires the world has ever seen.  They spread Greek culture, thoughts and ideals throughout most of the world. But Rome had its dark side; the brutal Gladiatorial games.  Men were pitted against men, against animals and sometime there was sport in just watching men being slaughtered.  Mosaics and stone carvings depict several types of gladiators fighting with various combination of arms, helmets and armor, making it difficult to definitively asses the prevalence of any particular area.  One well known combatant was the Retiarus, who would attempt to entangle his opponent with a weighted net, then finish him with a trident. His opponent was the Secutar, armed in traditional gladiatorial fashion; helmet, armor for the sword arm, small shield and greaves. 

This replica arm defense is based on remaining artifacts and depictions on intact mosaics. Segmentations and mail elbow joint allow superior freedom of movement while giving great protection to the sword arm.  One piece, fits either arm.



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