Brass Steamship Telegraph

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This replica brass steamship telegraph has working bells which signal when the wooden handles are moved to the different positions.

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This early ship’s communication device first appeared during the 1800’s and stayed quite relevant all the way through the 1950’s. This beautiful device was used on the bridge of large steam vessels to communicate with the engineers in the engine room. By moving the control levers, it would “ring” the engineers and show them on their gauge the speed at which the captain wanted the ship to be traveling.
Our version stands an impressive 36-3/4” tall with an 11-1/4” color faceplate. It has been made of a sturdy brass which has been given a darkened, aged finish. Two solid wood handles and matching wooden base have a rich, dark stained finish, giving this piece a real feel of authenticity. Working signal bells when handles are moved to the different positions. 
For over 70 years  Windlass has been a trusted name in historically accurate replicas from the past including arms and armor. An ISO-9001:2015 certified company, they are a trusted source throughout the world.  

Windlass Nautical celebrates our nautical past by recreating historically significant sea going instruments in wonderful detail. We are able to capture the age-old spirit of seafaring through highly skilled artisans who still make high quality items by hand for our discerning customers that goes against a modern world of mass production.

Accurate replicas of timers, compasses, magnifiers, lights and desk sets are superbly crafted paying homage to the sea in a way that anyone can appreciate.


Products specifications
Overall Height 36-3/4"
Weight 18 lbs


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Products specifications
Overall Height 36-3/4"
Weight 18 lbs
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