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Steampunk Wrist Monoculator

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This piece is a must for almost any Steampunk outfit. The soft weathered leather-like pouch is worn on your wrist for easy access. Inside, is an antique brass, folding monoculator with 2X magnification. An excellent piece for an airship crewman or steam rail engineer! Buckle and strap for easy adjustability.


neat little accessory piece for any steam inspired costplay/costume.

the wrist piece is a little stiff and uncomfortable at the moment, but once it loosens up a little, Im sure it will be fine.

I only rated it down a star because while the monocular is nice and feels quite well crafted, the optics aren't exactly stellar.  if you consider it a prop more than an actual "spyglass", its perfect.
From: Robert, July 07, 2016
Fun and versatile piece.  It really works and is a conversational piece.  Only draw back is that the screws on the side tend to loosen over time.  Tighten them on a regular basis so that the monoculator doesn't self destruct at an inopportune time.
From: David, May 16, 2014
A good item, a nice little gadget and in the UK (where I am from) no one seems to have these:)
Utterly necessary :)
From: Jonathan, October 19, 2012

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