Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag


This mini messenger bag, inspired by Star Wars, is made from faux leather. Tough and sturdy. Perfect for keys and other stuff.
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Feeling lonely on the Millennium Falcon? If you fancy yourself to be Han Solo, you will need a trusted First Mate by your side. Who can forget the adorably gentle yet fiercely intelligent co-pilot of the amazing Millennium Falcon? We are talking about the one and only – Chewbacca!

If wookies are your deal, you have to have to this amazing mini messenger bag. Like the real Chewy, don’t let the gentle and fuzzy look of this bag fool you – it’s tough, it’s sturdy and it’s loyal! Made from faux leather, the Star Wars Chewy Brown Mini Messenger Bag is a stylish companion on all your adventures, whether you are escaping from Jabba the Hutt or trying to save the beautiful princess. Sure, it is a lot small than the real wookie, but you can count on it to protect everything you hold dear – we mean your keys and stuff!


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MaterialFaux leather


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