A new feature to the blog will introduce you to our staff and their personal favorite products from our current ACC and MRL divisions and why. Because we believe in and buy what we sell, we wouldn't ask you to if we didn't. Different categories each time, once a month. No bias, no sales hype, just what we like after being around this stuff for decades. We hope you enjoy our first category:

What's your favorite weapon? 

Dave DiPietro, Head of Marketing and MRL product development- "The Classical Medieval Sword , because many swords made from this time period feel clunky, this one doesn't. It's got balance and it's light, it's just really mean. You know when you hold it that this is what a fighting man used."

Les Atkins, Head of IT- "The bar mace, it's hefty, solid and doesn't matter how you swing it or what you hit. For anyone who lacks fighting skill, you can wield this and still do damage. I like something you don't have to be perfect with to be effective."

Greg Gerling, General Manager- "The guerrilla machete, because it's simple, clean and functional. A practical piece in the field."

Travis Baer, Showroom Manager- "The Shirasaya, it's just beautiful, well made and the rich rose wood finish is gorgeous. You have to see it in person."

Terry Moss, Catalog Manager- "The Martini Henry's, you can't get a better story and relive history."

Bruce Brookhart, Sword Designer- "Blackhawk Tatang is one of the best remakes of a jungle fighting knife to come out in years. Great for all purpose self defense and outdoor work."

Bobby Milanese, shop monkey- "15th Century Longsword is pretty to the eye with good balance and just calls out to me."

Brandi, Wholesale Acct Manager- "Glacier Bay Knife a good knife in the woods, light, but strong with the full tang. I've dug holes with it and it stayed pretty sharp."

You don't want to mess with Brandi! Hope you enjoyed a quick look into what we like and why. Sometimes you can't explain the attraction, but it's there and a lot of our products pull us in whether we make them or not.

Me? I like the Kershaw Whiplash, Kershaw's just seem to fit my hand and the blade profiles seem to be made for what I like to do and how. It's like they're in my head...

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