Staff Picks

Cheers and welcome to a brand new segment! Working at Museum Replicas is a passion for our employees. Most of us came to the company after already being an existing customer. So, it's not surprising that we have a few personal favorites. Since I'm already here. I'll tell you one of mine; the Shirasaya. This gorgeous, full tang,zatoichi-style katana just takes my breath away. Its polished mahogany grip and scabbard make this piece truly stand out in any collection, including mine. This gorgeous wood breaks up the monotony of all those simple black scabbards that you see too often. This beauty has all the brawn to back it up too, with a sharpened, tempered, high carbon blade as well. Whether you're adie hard katana fan or simply wanta more unique piece to start a new collection, make certain to really take a look at this stunning piece.
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