Spartacus Leather Pauldron


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This all leather articulated pauldron from the hit STARZ series Spartacus has a rough aged look. Includes certificate of authenticity.

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Write a Review
Just got mine and i'll give it to you straight:
The good:
-excellent craftsmanship
-realistic features
-Great customer service/fast delivery
The bad:
-does not fit ALL body-types confortably (lean/muscular for best fit)
-IF you are planning to use this as a halloween costume, it WILL cause chafing/irritate your skin without some padding(see ebay) or break in the leather first by wearing it BEFORE you go out.
- Eric, October 05, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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The Pauldron is well crafted and looks pretty damn cool.  However, it is not made for guys who are actually as big as gladiators.  In fact, out of the box, the only friend of mine that could wear it comfortably was about 130 lbs.  The leather is thin enough to cut with an Xacto knife, so modifying it fit me was not difficult.  Also, the individual scales are certainly not crafted to completely cover the outside of a muscular arm.  It toally goes with the helmet though.
- Drake, April 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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